About PNOC
Service Charter


By 2030, PNOC has provided vital energy resource/development and energy infrastructure , conducive to a clean environment and balanced and sustainable economic growth.



Through the efforts and initiative of world class professionals, PNOC is committed to:

  1. Develop and implement projects and programs in a financially prudent and responsible manner aimed at increasing the country's self-sufficiency level in oil, gas and other energy resources;
  2. Foster sustainable and environment-friendly sources of energy and promote energy efficiency and conservation; and
  3. Maintain the highest standards of service and corporate governance.

(Per Board Resolution No. 2365, S'2016, May 24, 2016)

Core Values

  • Service (Makatao):
    Puts the interest of the Filipino people above self
  • Integrity (Mapagkakatiwalaan):
    Honest and transparent in dealing with stakeholders
  • Professional Excellence (May mataas na kakayahan):
    Always seeking continuous improvement; aspiring for high work standards and achievements
  • Accountable and results oriented (May pananagutan):
    Assuming responsibility for all actions
  • Teamwork (May pag kaka-isa):
    United in purpose

Note: In view of the ongoing implementation of the GCG-approved Reorganization Plan, and as part of its maintenance of the Quality Management System Standards, PNOC will be updating its QMS manual, and this Service Charter, in time for the PNOC QMS 9001:2015 in June 2020.

Certificate of Compliance for Service Charter

(Click on each service to view or download here the complete PNOC Citizen's Charter)


  1. Administrative Department

    1. Property and Supply Management

      1. Procurement Procedure

      2. Disposal Procedure

      3. Period of action on Procurement Activities

    2. Personnel Services

      1. Request for Personal / Employment Related Documents

      2. Application for TESDA / CHED Foreign Training Invitations

      3. Quarterly Plantilla Updates

      4. Filing of Complaint

    3. General Services

      1. Request for Repairs

      2. Request for Office Reservation

  2. Accounting Department

    1. Preparation of PNOC Financial Statements and other monthly reports

    2. Preparation of Consolidated Financial Statements and Statement of Position (Table 31 – DOF Format)

    3. Preparation of PNOC Income Tax Returns for submission to BIR

    4. Preparation of DBM Reports for PNOC Budget Proposal

    5. Preparation of PNOC Year-end Financial Statements for submission to COA

    6. Preparation of Year-end Consolidated Financial Statements for submission to COA

    7. Remittance of withholding taxes

  3. Legal Department

    1. Contract Drafting Review

    2. Rendering Legal Opinion

  4. Corporate Secretary

    1. Issuance of PNOC Board Resolution

    2. Issuance of Secretary's Certificate

    3. Issuance of Excerpts of Minutes of Board Meetings

    4. Issuance of Board Membership Certification

    5. Issuance of Minutes of PNOC Board Meetings (Annual)

  5. Treasury Department

    1. Reports on the

      1. Summary of Outstanding Loans (DoF)

      2. Foreign Borrowings

      3. Medium and Long Term Loans (BTr)

    2. Cash and Investment Balances Report

  6. Corporate Planning Department

    1. Updates of PNOC Projects and Other Information

    2. Budgetary Requirements

    3. Table 31 Requirements

  7. Project Management Department

    1. Conduct of monitoring of on-going projects and evaluation of completed / operational projects

  8. Estate Management Department

    1. Disposal / Utilization of Idle Properties

    2. Contracts for Services

    3. Lease of Office Space / Parking Slots at the PNOC Energy Center

  9. Corporate Communications

    1. News Releases for Energy Beat Reporters

    2. Request under Freedom of Information