About PNOC


PNOC shall operate its energy businesses with highest regard to health and
safety, security and environment (HSSE).

We shall establish HSSE
management systems, manned by our capable and empowered employees,
workers, and joined by our business partners.
We shall comply with all applicable health, safety, security and environmental
laws, standards and regulations.

We shall employ suitable technology and best practices to maximize
opportunities and minimize the adverse impacts of our operations.

We shall endeavor to prevent pollution and environmental damage, prevent
work-derived injuries and illnesses, manage and reduce HSSE risks, and
protect the interest of our employees, clients and locators, and stakeholders.

Through the HSSE Committee, we shall encourage communication,
consultation and participation among our employees, locators and relevant

We shall always seek opportunities to continually improve our adherence to
the commitments cited in this policy.