Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility

(March 22, 2019)


Three thousand three hundred (3,300) kilograms of garbage, washed along the 300-meter long foreshore area of the PNOC Industrial Park in Bataan were retrieved, sorted and packed during the Park’s Coastal Cleanup last March 22, 2019.

Two hundred ten (210) volunteers from PNOC, Servicio Filipino Inc., Eliteblue Security Specialists Inc., and Park locators ORICA, Philippine Resins Industries, Inc., Petron’s Philippine Polypropylene, Inc., and NPC Alliance, as well as DENR and residents of Batangas Dos took part in the activity.

The Department of Interior and Local Government has directed that coastal cleanup along areas of Manila Bay be held weekly.




The Philippine National Oil Company takes its role as a responsible corporate citizen seriously.

In 2016, the Company held and participated in three Corporate Social Responsibility activities:


PAFC Industrial Park’s Coastal Clean-up


On March 18, 2016, more than two hundred volunteers from PNOC, PNOC – AFC, and other PNOC subsidiaries, park locators, PNP Mariveles personnel, and residents of Batangas Dos, gathered three truckloads of garbage along the 300-meter foreshore area of the Limay Industrial Park. Weighing three tons, this once floating wasteland of plastic, wood, styrofoam, and worn fishing nets, could have reentered the fragile sea ecosystem and endangered the livelihoods of the local fishing communities.


Pawikan Festival

PNOC Park employees also participated in the Pawikan Festival activity on November 27, 2016 that was held at the Pawikan Conservation Center, Barangay Nagbalayong, Morong, Bataan.

Hundreds of baby sea turtles were released to strengthen the area’s complex sea ecosystem. These turtles, when they reach maturity, will one day return to these same nesting grounds to lay more eggs, once again completing nature’s cycle of life.


Comprehensive Tree Planting Activity


PNOC-AFC employees and their contracted services participated in the 1 Bataan Green Legacy - Comprehensive Tree-Planting activity on June 25, 2016. A total of 39 volunteers from PNOC – AFC and its contracted services participated in the activity which was spearheaded by the Bataan provincial government.


The group planted a total of 1,000 trees in Gen. Lim, Orion, Bataan.


Simultaneously held all over Bataan with other groups, the event was an official attempt to set a Guinness World Record – “Most number of trees planted in a single site with unlimited number of participants in one hour.” The attempt was successful and a world record was set by the province, with a total of 223,390 trees planted by more than 18,000 participants.


These planted trees would go a long way in mitigating against the effects of climate change for residents in the region, by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide and releasing precious oxygen into the environment.



PNOC is committed to the people it operates with and the environment it operates in.

Last May 2017, PNOC again actively participated in the Brigada Eskwela project of the Department of Education, dedicating people and resources to prepare the Mariveles National High School-Annex Alion school facilities for the coming school opening. The activities included general cleaning, repainting and fixing, to make the facilities safe and convenient for the students.


As in the previous years, PNOC held its Park-wide Coastal Clean-up activity at PNOC-AFC’s foreshore area. Some 177 volunteers from PNOC-AFC, its contractors and locators, yielded three truckloads of garbage washed ashore the coastlines of the Park. The clean-up was held last March 24, 2017, while its international counterpart, the International Coastal Clean–up Day held at the Bayview Housing foreshore area in Batangas Dos, Mariveles took place on September 23, 2017. A total of 50 volunteers from the PNOC-AFC, Servicio Filipino, Inc. and Elite Blue joined the garbage collection which produced 50 sacks of plastics, rubber items, styrofoam products, etc.


Morong, Bataan is home to the Pawikan Conservation Center. Each year, in November when the Pawikan Festival is held, baby turtles hatched in the Center are released back to shore. PNOC takes an active part in this annual festival which promotes awareness of marine life, especially these endangered sea turtles.





PNOC donated some 1,500 pieces of fluorescent bulbs to Barangays Alion, Bantangas Dos and Lamao in Mariveles, Bataan where the PNOC Industrial Park is located last December 8 and 19, 2018.