Philippine National Oil Company Policy Statement


                                                                                The Philippine government’s premier energy corporation, the Philippine
                                                                                National Oil Company (PNOC)
is committed to ensuring energy security by
                                                                                providing vital energy infrastructure and strategic reserves for the country. At
                                                                                PNOC, we understand that affordable, efficient, reliable and secure energy supply
                                                                                is key to attaining the Duterte Administration’s objective to usher in change by
                                                                                providing each and every Filipino more opportunities for a better standard and
                                                                                quality of life.

                                                                                Our uncompromising focus on these core values will be our guide in delivering
                                                                                basic services to the Filipino people. As part of these principles, we commit to
                                                                                contribute to sustainable development, balancing short and long-term interests
                                                                                and integrating economic, environmental and social considerations for the benefit
                                                                                of the country. We will adhere to the highest standards and adopt best practices in
                                                                                The conduct of our business. We shall execute tasks, duties and responsibilities
                                                                                with precision and efficiency, and thus deliver the best output and the highest
                                                                                quality of service.

                                                                                Under the stewardship of our new President and CEO Reuben S. Lista the public
                                                                                can rest assured that the best interest of the company and our country will be the
                                                                                norm in all dealings and transactions of PNOC. He is strongly committed to
                                                                                excellence and efficiency in government services. With new leadership at its helm,
                                                                                the public can expect change with his hands-on management approach that will
                                                                                ensure optimum returns from its corporate activities, and efficient use of its

                                                                                L- We shall provide Leadership in addressing the Energy requirements of our developing

                                                                                     economy with initiatives that pass the test for Legality.

                                                                                I - We will pursue Innovative programs as we maintain a high standard of Integrity in all our affairs.

                                                                               S - Stakeholders can expect Sincerity in our dealings as we strive to provide the best Service to the nation.

                                                                               T - In all this, we will be guided by Truth and Transparency in our endeavours.

                                                                               A - And all our undertakings shall be Aboveboard as we are Accountable to the Filipino people.

                                                                               PNOC is now open for business and we invite the public to join us and the rest of
                                                                               the Department of Energy family under its Secretary, Alfonso G. Cusi, as we
                                                                               explore new possibilities that lead to effective solutions towards a sustainable,
                                                                               affordable, reliable and secure energy supply for wealth-generation with a highly-
                                                                               industrialized Philippines. As we welcome a new and vibrant leadership at the
                                                                               PNOC, we are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the country in
                                                                               ushering in changes that will positively impact the daily lives of the Filipino people.