Chevron, NYK Lines, and JERA Hold Further LNG Talks with PNOC

Senior executives from Chevron, their LNG partners, NYK Line, and JERA Co. Inc., hold further talks with PNOC President Reuben Lista (4th from bottom right) and other PNOC officials to further discuss the proposed LNG Integrated Systems Project. Attending the meeting were the following: Peter Morris, Chairman - Chevron Philippines; Neil Theobald, GM for LNG – Chevron USA; Gaku Takagi, SVP – JERA Co., Inc.; Dipak Kothari, GM for Business Devt. – Chevron International; Teriga Asai, GM – JERA Co., Inc; Takuto Kawamura, Manager – JERA Co., Inc.; Seichi Kitamura, Manager for LNG Group – NYK Line; Masahide Mitomi, Deputy Manager for LNG – NYK Line; Desty Vergel De Dios, Business Devt. Manager for Infrastructure – Chevron Phils.