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The Energy Supply Base (ESB) is a private commercial port located in Mabini, Batangas offering pier services, warehousing facilities, cargo handling, equipment rental, manpower services, bunkering and water services. Previously, it is owned and managed by the PNOC Exploration Corporation (PNOC-EC), PNOC’s upstream oil and gas subsidiary. Although the ESB was initially set up to cater to the logistical needs of PNOC-EC and the domestic energy industry, it has since opened its services to other commercial clients.

The ESB is located along the coast of Batangas Bay in Barangay Mainaga and Barangay San Francisco, Mabini Batangas with three (3) piers: the triangular pier with a draft of 11 meters and Length Over All (LOA) of 60 meters; the Marginal Wharf with a draft of 7.5 meters and LOA of 72 meters; and Roll-Roll-Off with a draft of 4 meters.

The PNOC-ESB property has a total area of 19.2 hectares.

  • 10.55 hectares serve as the site of the energy supply base operation

  • 4.27 hectares are leased by Petron for its bulk plant/ depot operation

  • 4.40 hectares is located at the hilly /eroded area

Other services are the accommodation rental of the four (4) warehouses with a total floor area of 23,600 square meters, Pipe Racks of 7,400 square meters, open yard (not cemented) of 17,800 square meters, open yard (cemented) of 10,600 square meters, and explosives bunker. The ESB also caters to truck scale and manpower services.

The PNOC Board was informed of the transition and turn over plan in December 2016 while its formal approval was taken up during the PNOC Board meeting held on February 3, 2017. In its meeting held on February 3, 2017, the PNOC Board of Directors APPROVED and ACCEPTED the transfer/turnover to PNOC of the administration and operation of the ESB in Mabini, Batangas as well as the oil and coal trading operations of PNOC-EC.

During the Special Meeting of the Board of Directors of the PNOC-EC on February 23, 2017, the PNOC-EC Board APPROVED the transition and turnover of the PNOC_EC ESB Operations to PNOC, including the oil and coal trading operations under PNOC-EC Board Resolution No. 2-1 S’2017.

Status Update

The ESB Administration and Operations was transferred to PNOC on January 1, 2018. with 11 personnel, 28 janitorial service personnel and 25 security guards.

(Updated 07 March 2018)