PNOC Renewables Corporation

About the Company

PNOC Renewables Corporation (PNOC RC), formerly PNOC Dockyard and Engineering Corporation, was organized and incorporated on March 7, 2008. PNOC RC aims to become the primary vehicle of the government in promoting, developing and implementing renewable energy and energy efficiency programs in the country.

The President of the Philippines, in 2015, has directed PNOC RC to do the following:

1. To develop more stable resources of revenues to support the initiatives of the DOE on RE and ensure financial viability;

2.  To focus on the:

a. Conduct of RE research;

b. Continuation of its pre-development activities on its RE service contracts; and

c. Installation of solar panels

3. To include the streamlining of operations and strengthening of financial viability as goals in future Performance Agreement Negotiations with the PNOC RC Governing Board for their Performance Scorecard

PNOC RC furthers its purpose to develop energy in the country while pursuing environment-friendly and sustainable development. PNOC RC shall pursue its vision to become a recognized partner in Renewable Energy development known for operational excellence, outstanding stakeholder satisfaction and superior financial performance.

Renewable Energy plays an important role in the transition towards a low carbon economy. Hence, one of the company's objectives is to promote low carbon development strategies which greatly support the Energy sector's goals of ensuring sufficient, stable, secure, accessible and reasonably-priced energy supply and pursuing cleaner and efficient energy utilization and clean technologies adoption.

The company's low carbon development strategies include the nationwide Solar PV Rooftop Program and Energy Efficiency Lighting Program in government agencies.

Furthermore, PNOC RC shall develop more stable resources of revenues to support the initiatives of the DOE on renewable energy and ensure financial viability.

PNOC RC is likewise geared on partnering with the private sector through legal, financial, and technical support and is open for joint ventures with foreign and local partners.



To promote and undertake research, development, utilization, manufacture, sale, marketing, distribution, and commercial application of new, renewable, non-conventional and environment-friendly energy sources and systems including but not limited to solar, wind, water heat, steam, ocean, tidal, biomass, biogas, chemical, mechanical, electrical, synthetic, agricultural, and other natural, fossil, or non-fossil fuel based, artifcial, organic or otherwise, and of energy systems that use new, renewable, and any energy sources applying new and efficient energy conversion and /or utilization technologies for commercial application and promote their efficient utilization.


  • To provide renewable energy and promote energy efficiency to enhance the quality of life of the Filipino people
  • To advance customer and stakeholder interests, employee welfare, environmental stewardship, and community well-being.


PNOC RC is the government arm for the development and implementation of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects, known for operational excellence, superior stakeholder satisfaction and outstanding financial performance in the Philippines by 2030.



We promote results-driven PERFORMANCE


We demonstrate STEWARDSHIP






Sec. Alfonso G. Cusi



John J. Arenas



Sultan Ashary P. Maongco

Bernard Paul M. Ponferrada

Maria Carmina E. Cruz

Evelyn M. Paulino

Abbin S. Dalhani

Dante G. Guevarra




John J. Arenas


Executive Vice President / Chief Operating Officer

Pedro L. Lite Jr.


Acting Vice President for Legal and Corporate Affairs

Josephine Cassandra J. Cui


Strategic Planning Manager

Josephine Cassandra J. Cui


Legal Manager

Arolf C. Empino-Suyom


HR Manager

Joy Anne N. Garcia


Budget  Manager

Marchellie B. David


Treasury Manager

James E. Zaragosa


Administrative Manager

Maria Teresa C. Abad


Business Development Manager

Pamela M. Cea-Borlaza


Project Planning and Control Manager

Marcial Nicanor V. Aragones


Business Development Manager

Wilfredo Porfirio F. Dalipe II


Environmental and External Relations Manager

Mario U. Tercero


OIC - Corporate Secretary

Atty. Alfonso L. Orioste, Jr.


OIC Accounting

Jay S. Molina

(Updated as of Apr. 30, 2018)